Wandin Blacksmithing Group, Mont De Lancey, Wandin, YARRA VALLEY, Victoria, Australia. Workshops each Sunday in the grounds of historic Mont De Lancey Homestead

Wandin Blacksmithing Group at Mont De Lancey

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Australian Blacksmithing Association

"The Australian Blacksmiths Association is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient and honourable craft of the blacksmith." - ABAVIC

Mont De Lancey

The historic Wandin homestead, Mont De Lancey.

Waterside Metal Art Studio (Waterside)

"Located in Melbourne's Inner West, Waterside Metal Art Studio (Waterside) is an artist blacksmith studio offering blacksmithing courses, quality forging supplies and tools, blacksmiths coke and a space where members can forge." - Waterside Metal Art Studio