Wandin Blacksmithing Group, Mont De Lancey, Wandin, YARRA VALLEY, Victoria, Australia. Workshops each Sunday in the grounds of historic Mont De Lancey Homestead

Wandin Blacksmithing Group at Mont De Lancey

Blacksmithing at Mont De Lancey

The Wandin Blacksmithing Group has over 50 enthusiasts who meet every Saturday & Sunday at the reconstructed Blacksmith shop. This is located in the grounds of the beautiful Mont De Lancey Historic Homestead and Museum.

The fully equipped workshop provides an excellent place to come along and join in the fun of blacksmithing. There are plenty of members willing to lend a hand to help those interested in this ancient craft. We provide all the tools & equipment you need, and classes are run every term for the beginner.

A whole range of a Blacksmith's needs can be found right here by contacting Oskar, Ebay and by visiting Mont De Lancey in Wandin. Whether you're after a forge, the coke to put in it or even a fireside set for the perfect gift, please come and visit us every Sunday in Wandin.

Blacksmithing Temporarily Closed

Due to COVID restrictions the Wandin Blacksmiths, located at Mont Delancey Homestead (71 Wellington Road, Wandin North) is currently closed.

Contact Oskar on 0434 533 217 for further details.

Works for Sale

Stairway to Heaven

Title: Stairway to Heaven
Description: Forged mild steel. Cubic twist
Dimensions: H21cmXL15cmXW20cm
Price: $80.00

Damascus blade

Title: Damascus blade
Description: Forge welded Damascus blade. 80 layers (15N20 and 1075). # point deer antler handle and brass fitting
Dimensions: overall length 35cm
Price: $200.00

Chain Damascus

Title: Chain Damascus
Description: forged welded machine chain, deer horn handle with brass fitting.
Dimensions: Overall length 33cm
Price: $200.00

Mouse Knife

Title: Mouse Knife
Description: Forged and polished stainless steel cheese knife
Dimensions: Overall length 21cm
Price: $80.00

Stairway to Heaven

Title: An Unlikely Alliance
Description: forged railway spikes and mild steel
Dimensions: H44cmXL16cmXW38cm
Price $180.00

Heart Broken

Title: Heart Broken
Description: Forged railway spike and mild steel
Dimensions: H28cmXL12cmXW12cm
Price: $120.00


Title: Redback
Description: Forged mild steel, acrylic paint
Dimensions: H12cmXL24cmXW35cm
Price: $80.00


Title : Deer
Description: Forged mild steel
Dimensions H77cmXL38cmXW60cm
Price: $180.00


Title: Scotty
Description: Forged mild steel
Dimensions: H8cmXL36cmXW10cm